My Business Needs Cash - 3 Accounting Software Musts to Manage Your Business Finances

Quickbooks Online, Plooto and Gusto

If you are one of those business owners who uses excel or some other desktop function to manage your finances. It may be time to move into the 21st century as cloud accounting becomes more prevalent. Using simple accounting tools can make tax time easier, financial decisions easier and most importantly making decisions to increase the value of your business simpler. Most importantly these all make your business paperless.

Here are a few features we love about Quickbooks Online

  • Permission Levels for users

  • When everyone in the business knows the financial health of the business, team members make more efficient decisions

  • Mobile Invoicing

  • For many of our clients they are on the go frequently. Using Quickbooks Mobile app to make sure you get paid right away, or track what you should get paid for is as easy as a click of a button

  • Bank Feeds

  • Reconciling a business cash has become much easier with auto bank feeds. No more reviewing statements line item by line item. Knowing how your business is performing takes a quarter of the time.

Here are a few features we love about Plooto for Accounts Payable

  • No monthly fee

  • This is almost unheard of in the software space. All your bills can be paid from place. Each bill only costs a dollar.

  • Custom Email Address

  • Each invoice, bill, etc can be emailed to this specific address and your bills are entered automatically for payment. They can even be auto scheduled.