3 Ways to Improve Labor Efficiency Part 1

Quit Multitasking

"There is nothing more irritating than reviewing a job post that requires the skill of multitasking. Multitasking is a lie. Countless studies have proven the decline in work productivity and quality of work from these supposed talented multitaskers."

Set your employees up to focus on the most important tasks at hand first with limited interruptions. Fewer distractions with strict deadlines produce quality work.

Take Exercise Breaks

The average person can do high quality work in 90 minute spurts. Generally their very first uninterrupted 90 spurt is their most productive. Followed by declining productivity periods for the next 6 hours.

To get the maximum amount of production from your employees. Encourage exercise breaks. A brisk walk, weight lifting session, mountain bike ride can get the blood pumping and help productivity during your next 90 minute block. According to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Turn Off Notifications (Bunker)

This may be one of the worst offenses we see in the workplace. With cell phone usage and access to notifications from multiple platforms, it is nearly impossible for a worker to keep high production. In addition notification emails, facebook notification, etc. bombarding your desktop only serve as a distraction and absolutely destroy productivity.

Turn off the notifications and schedule time to review or respond to them. There is rarely a message or notification that can’t wait 24 hours, let alone 90 minutes. If it’s absolutely urgent. They will call.